The word ‘kindness’ speaks of the heart and is easily understood by all. There are so many impressive reasons why kindness and social and emotional learning is such an essential component of the Pikopiko philosophy that it's difficult to list them all. But the research includes happier children, increased self esteem, better physical health, less stress and anxiety, reduced bullying and a positive culture. It is also strongly linked to a sense of belonging and inclusion, which is a fundamental need for any human being. Performing acts of kindness promotes empathy and compassion to help strengthen bonds with other children and teachers to create a positive and relaxed environment.
Relationships and Connections
As the research shows us, creating relationships and connections to the world and those around us is the most important key to building a confident person with a true sense of belonging, self-belief and the ability to reach their full potential. Having only two classrooms at Pikopiko Learning, your child is able to build particularly strong relationships with their teachers and friends allowing them to thrive in their personal development.
Respect (Emmi Pikler)

Inspired by Emmi Pikler, the Kowhai Room (Infant Toddler) provides a nurturing and intimate environment allowing your baby opportunities to explore and create relationships with the world around them. In order for your child to develop their own sense of self, respect is shown for the stage where they are currently. Your child is empowered to use their environment to further their relationships with both other children and teachers. With respect at our core, we ensure that our teachers work with and alongside your child, at their own pace, and moving forward with them as they are ready. The Infant Toddlers outdoor garden and play area is separated from the Preschool, creating an environment designed for their individual needs.


Reggio Emilia and Finland

While still nurturing the individual child, the Pohutukawa Room (Preschool) also promotes independence and encourages your child to begin forming their own theories as an individual and in group settings. Your child is invited to work in a range of inspiring areas as well as become involved in group investigations, focusing on exploring their ideas, theories and concepts and engaging in long term investigations to test their hypotheses. Through inspiration from this Italian idea from Reggio Emilia, your child is able to develop both independence working on their own, as well as the skills required to be an active part of a group. Our teachers will encourage your child to think for themselves, make decisions and work towards their own solutions, by expressing their own ideas and feelings. As a team we are also inspired by the educational model in Finland, ensuring that joy and play is also at the core of all that we do, ensuring success in all areas of life.



We have a dedicated team of professional teachers who are passionate about children and their right to be given every opportunity to develop in their own unique way. The teacher’s role in the center is to provoke children to explore, discover, wonder, and to extend them to create a love of lifelong learning. Through being committed to ongoing professional development the teachers can ensure that they incorporate best practice from New Zealand and around the world into their daily practice.



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