Our Philosophy

Pikopiko Preschool welcomes tamariki and whanau into the context of authentic relationships that values love, compassion and understanding. We believe all ākonga are unique, hence we create a culture of understanding that empowers divergent thinking.


We believe tamariki are capable, confident learners, we inspire and encourage them to wonder and to build resilience to empower problem solving as a group or as an individual.


Ako is a strong thread in our practice. Kaiako and tamariki learn together through sustained investigation and discovery offering limitless possibilities for contribution.


Kaiako carefully curate and resource the environment with natural materials that offers limitless possibilities for exploration. We respect the right of tamariki to be challenged across all domains of learning as they develop perseverance and courage. Hence the key Kaiako offers time, space, attention and patience to form meaningful and reciprocal relationships. We encourage a culturally inclusive environment that responds to the language, culture, and identity of each tamariki, whanau and Kaiako.