“Good food is all the sweeter when shared with friends...”


Here at Pikopiko our mealtimes feed the soul as much as they feed the body. Through the use of small, intimate and beautifully set tables with candles, flowers and a peaceful setting, your child is able to chat with their friends and their teachers as you and I would at home or in a restaurant.


Our on-site chef lovingly prepares your child healthy, tasty and nutritious meals, using the highest quality, freshest produce whilst keeping a careful eye on our use of additive-free foods to optimise nutrition. We understand that good nutrition is essential for growing children and helps to foster the development of healthy, informed, responsible and positive attitudes towards eating. So making the most of our surrounding farmland we have an edible garden for them to explore and help look after.


Our children take such an interest in what’s cooking in the kitchen, and are encouraged to be involved alongside our chef and our teachers. The mesmerizing feel of kneading the dough for fresh Naan breads, the challenge of weighing and measuring ingredients, or just being able to touch, feel and smell ingredients sparks their interests to another level. Alongside this, being an integral part of beautifying and setting the tables encourages our children to be a part of every aspect of the meal time routine. When the meal is then offered, the sense of connection they feel, that they helped to chop and wash the vegetables or were a part of the preparation to deliver the meal to the table that day, is palpable.


At Pikopiko Preschool we understand what it takes to satisfy a hungry tummy, we understand we aren’t all the same and like different things but we also understand the importance of giving the children all the nutrients they need daily. We also pride ourselves in ensuring that children with allergies (or other food requirements) receive a meal that looks the same as their friends and never feel different at all. 


Our menu changes with each season to make the most of the change in availability of different foods as well as being able to offer the heartwarming meals of winter as well as the refreshing nourishment of the summer months. When we have menu changes we slowly introduce new foods to the children over a period of time to ensure that their palate adapts, and nobody is left without a full tummy... as we are well aware it can take up to 7 times trying a new food before a child decides if they like it.


Recipe favourites for our children include our chefs own recipe for Beef & 5 Bean nachos (with an amazing 9 different veggies crammed into each pot) and Roasted Chicken with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables…


Our unique, intimate Lunch time experience is just one of our many heart felt daily rituals we are blessed with here at Pikopiko Preschool.



“Food tastes better when you eat it with your family”