Work and Income

WINZ childcare subsidies are available to fee assistance depending on the level of your total family income. Please talk to Shirley in regard to this. Full fees will be charged and must be paid for in full by the parent, guardian until the Preschool receives the WINZ subsidy.


Fees and Payments

  1. Fees are required to be paid in a week in ADVANCE (one week in advance of paying fees weekly and two weeks in advance if paying fortnightly). Fees must be paid by automatic payment; the first payment is to be paid by Friday the week before your starting date.

  2. Once two weeks of payments have been missed consistently, a direct debit will be required.

  3. Failure to keep fees up to date may result in a child’s enrolment being forfeited and the debt being passed onto a debt collection agency, for which the parent will be responsible for any associated costs.

  4. Extra hours can be negotiated as long as they are within the Pikopiko Preschool attendance structure, additional hours are charged extra for all children.

  5. Fees will increase annually at the standard rate of wage inflation; this will occur in the month of March.


Sibling Discount

Where there are 2 or more siblings from the same family attending the preschool, you will receive a discount for the older child/ren. The sibling discount is applied to the net fee payable by the parent.

  • 10% when children attend 5 days 

  • 5% for 3 days


20 Hours ECE Subsidy

The 20 Hours ECE Subsidy is offered at Pikopiko Preschool for children aged three and over. Only up to six hours in any one day can qualify for the 20 Hours ECE. Parents must advise the preschool where they choose to share      their 20 Hours ECE Subsidy entitlement with another ECE service. 


Holidays / Statutory Holidays / Sick days / Absences / Attendances

  1. Pikopiko Preschool is open from 7.30am to 6:00 pm throughout the year and closes during statutory holidays, we close at 4.00pm on 23 December and will reopen on 3 January. The exact dates will be published in advance each year to coincide with the actual days of the Christmas period holidays.

   2. All booked hours are charged whether the child attends or not.

   3. As per the Ministry of Education requirement children who are absent             for more than four weeks continuously (for any reason) will need to re-            enroll at Pikopiko Preschool.

  4. A fee may be charged to cover funding that is lost due to frequent                    absences other than medical conditions.

  5. Children who have been at Pikopiko Preschool for more than six months         will receive 50 % discount in fees for three weeks once a year.


Enrolment / Withdrawal

  1. Fees will be charged from the day a child is enrolled regardless of whether a child does or does not attend.

  2. Four weeks (20 days) written notice is required when your child is ready to leave the preschool. Fees are payable during the notice period. Accounts should be paid before the last day of attendance.


Forced Closure

  1. Due to events outside of our control, Pikopiko Preschool may be forced to close at the instruction of the Ministry of Health, Civil Defence, or the New Zealand Police, or an act of Nature.  If we are instructed to close at any time, we will inform you immediately.  You will not be charged any fee for the period of the forced closure.


Late fees

  1. Children who are picked up after their enrolled time without notification will be charged a late fee of $5 for every 5 minutes or part there of which will be billed to you.