Thanks for creating such a fun environment for the kids! You are a truly special group of people, and we're so grateful for all you do! I love knowing that the teachers at Pikopiko genuinely love and care about my daughter. It’s a truly wonderful environment where she is nurtured but challenged to try new things. Her creativity is fostered in whatever outlet she shows interest in. It feels like an extension of home; we’re so thankful we’ve found Pikopiko!”


Thank you for all the love Jamesie has received in the Kowhai room. He has really flourished and been so happy. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making his move; not only from one school to another, but from one country to another so much smoother xx


Thank you so much Jacqui and the team in Pikopiko, you made the settling process incredibly smooth, and seeing him in Jacqui's arms waving goodbye to me with a smile on his face, the emotion goes beyond anything I can describe.

Lucy (Mason's mum) said to me, "no wonder Francis could settle in so well without screaming and crying for mum, Jacqui is a very calm person and the many cuddles she gives to Francis, actually builds up his confidence knowing Jacqui is there if he needs her". Hearing from a third party on how well Francis' emotion is being comforted, I am extremely grateful. Knowing they are safe to express how they feel and will not be judged by that, trusting that we are always there for them when they need us, is exactly what we want him to remember in the family, and you have created that at Pikopiko too.

Once again, thank you. With the thousand-word-essay I hope I have shown how much I appreciate your support at Francis' early days in a new school.

Thank you for taking us into the big family 



What lucky children!! I am certainly going to miss reading all the posts once Nico goes off to school next week :( A big thank you to all the teachers - you do such a wonderful job and provide such a lovely learning environment for the children. I know Nico just loved going to daycare.


Thank you for making Charlotte (and our family) feel so welcome at Pikopiko. She loves it here and I can already see how much she is growing and developing under your care.


A big thank you to the Kowhai Room teachers for doing such a fabulous job and giving our little girl the best possible start in her long journey of learning. I'm sure she will miss all of her teachers and friends too.


Thank you Michele for this beautiful post. It was such a pleasure to read and to see what he is doing during his days at Pikopiko. We’re so grateful that he gets to grow up in such a nurturing and mindful environment. Thank you for all your observations. Have a wonderful and merry Christmas.